Saturday, October 10, 2009


I've been busy the last week - preparing to be gone for a couple of days, visiting Atlanta for a conference. It was my first visit - I never set my foot in Georgia before. I knew the conference would be intense and all spare time would be spent working in the hotel room - so I left two days early to get some sightseeing done.

I didn't see as much I would have liked - but got the main idea of the city, visiting both downtown, midtown and Buckhead (where I stayed for my conference). I had a very nice dinner with Fia - a Swedish alien blogging from Georgia who drove in to Buckhead to see me.

I toured the CNN Center and got a picture of myself being a news anchor (not sure who would want that - but it was kind of cool to try it out), walked the Centennial Park and around downtown, took the MARTA to Midtown and visited the Atlanta History Center i Buckhead. I liked Atlanta - even though I only saw a tiny, tiny bit of it...

Downtown Atlanta.

Downtown Atlanta.

The CNN Center.

The brick ground in Centennial Park.

The Olympic Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta

The Olympic Rings in Atlanta.

Mix of buildings in Midtown.

My view of Atlanta from my Buckhead hotel window.

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