Saturday, August 15, 2009

Surprise barbecue

The Husband, who for months have been receiving membership invitations from the AARP and ads for "pre-paid cremation" is getting closer to the big 4-0. Since he is not going to be at home on his birthday next week, his parents and sister with family decided to pay a surprise visit, planned for months.

And since the gift they brought with them was a new, cool Weber grill, a super duper Geneis 320, the surprise was also a barbecue - once the Husband had assembled the grill...

The kids were mighty impressed with the size of the package. I was very impressed by the wrapping... And the Husband was happily surprised by the far away visit and the grill that he has secretly dreamed about.


Saltistjejen said...

Men vad ROLIGT!!!!
och vilketn supergrill!
Hoppas det blev en riktigt lyckad BBQ!
kra och grattis till maken din i förskott!

Anna, Fair and True said...

Fast de tog inte med sig paketet hela vägen från Sverige väl? :)

Grattis till maken!

JaCal said...

Saltistjejen - ja, det var otroligt kul - och kul att ingen lyckades försäga sig...

Anna - nä - det var köpt lokalt... ;-)