Sunday, July 05, 2009

Things I will miss and things I enjoy

Things I will miss from Sweden: magazines! I'm not sure why there is such a difference - but I just love Swedish magazines. I bought them by the dozen when in Sweden. It's not the language... it's just different... more features, more articles... Most women's magazine over here are pure fashion oriented with few features.

Things I enjoy in the US: milk in one gallon jugs! After five weeks with one litre tetras I LOVE being back to our big one gallon jugs, knowing I can pour myself a big glass of milk and not emptying out the stock and these days I actually prefer the American milk taste (yes, they do really differ).

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sapphire said...

i really hate the milk cartons in sweden. especially because there is no good way of keeping them closed so that nasty fridge smells dont get into the milk. i put a 'chip clip' and it helps a bit but still...real milk jugs would be nice.