Sunday, June 07, 2009

Heading downtown and meeting aliens

I took the kids to Djurgården and Rosendals Trädgårdar today. I was meeting up with dear online friends that I have been hanging out with in cyberspace for the past six years, sharing joys and sorrows and laughs and cries. They are all Swedish aliens from different part of the world and we have "clicked" online. The kids hung out in the park while the grown-ups tried to talk and catch up live what was going on in different parts of the world. What a fantastic network this is - my life would be so much more boring without these dear friends! 

My kids were not as impressed - at least not as impressed by getting to go on the Djurgårdsfärja and ride the red SL busses... 


Saltistjejen said...

Vad kul med träff! var det första gången eller har ni setts förut!

Liz said...

Ah, Djurgårdsfärjan! Vilket varmt minne fran barndomen!