Thursday, May 28, 2009

We might have a great arrival?!

Just reloaded the weather page for Stockholm I have had open the past week and look - with about a day left before arrival on Saturday morning (and yeah, yeah, I know... Swedish weather do change by the hour) it looks pretty good! The last two years the last leg of our trip - the boat ride over to the archipelago island outside Stockholm where we're staying has been done in sunshine and clear skies - a great reward after a long trip. 

It could rain and be stormy and +11C - making the trip with an open boat with 5 suitcases sure pretty bad. But we've been so lucky! 

I'm not taking any chances however. Rain gear and wind jackets are packed in the outside pockets of the suitcases - easy accessible... 


Annika said...

ÅÅÅÅ, vilken TUR med vädret ni ser ut att få!!!

Anna, Fair and True said...

Vilken vädersajt använder du?