Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day, celebrated on the second Sunday in May in the US (and in a bunch of other countries for that matter - but not Sweden, who celebrate it on the last Sunday in May) is a pretty big thing. Commercial wise of course - but also action wise. For weeks you have been told by ads that you should get something for your mother or wife if she is a mother - jewelery, flowers or slippers. And - then take her out for lunch/dinner so she doesn't have to cook. 

My memories of celebrating "Mors Dag" is drawing a picture for my mom and picking fresh flowers from the garden. Therefor I was so happy when my Daughter, even though very, very early..., initiated preparing breakfast for me, made a drawing and made the Son make a drawing, picked a rose from the backyard and gave me a handmade plate she had made under big secrecy in school (bless these (female?) teachers that let the kids do crafts to surprise their mothers, because I know for sure that a majority of the Husbands sure wouldn't remember/be capable of remembering even the date) (insert smiley here). 

(and then we turned on the Dr Snuggle DVD in the bedroom for the kids and could doze off until a more decent wake up time - i.e. after 7 am...). 

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