Thursday, April 16, 2009

Observations from Sweden #7

The hierarchy on Stockholm sidewalks: 

1. Bicylists
2. Strollers
3. Walking people 

I have to walk from buss station "Mälartorget" up towards Slussen to get to work. It's only about a 3-4 minute walk - but it's pretty easy to be run over by a bicylist or rammed by a stroller before even making it to the entrance. 

But I shouldn't complain at all. At least I'm not alone when walking the sidwalks. I just have to remember to always, always look out for bicylist that sure are breaking the speed limits downtown and remember that Swedish strollers are so big they take time to stop (just like huge tankers at sea). 


Anna, Fair and True said...

Fast nu för tiden verkar det som alla i Stockholm har bugaboos

JaCal said...

Anna - ja, det var värst var de var poppis - har snubblat in i mängder idag. ;-)