Friday, April 03, 2009

Maybe I need to attend Kindergarten...

In my Daughter's home work packages there are usually a couple of pages with drawings of things starting with the same letter. The exercises is to identify these and then come up with two more things that starts with the letter and draw that. 

This might sound easy enough but I find it kind of hard to quickly come up with words in English that also can be drawn by a 5-year old. The other week I took help of my dear Facebook friends with things to draw starting with the letter "n". Unfortunately none were really useful since they came up with words such as naked, nun, nipple (oh my the Google hits this blog will get now) - but at least we had a good laugh. 

I'm not sure if it would be easier in Swedish. Anyway, I've come to dread those pages and try to make sure it's the Husband how is helping out when it's time to come up with two things starting on the letter b or l as today (the Daughter decided to draw a lamp and lava).

Friday she worked with the letter u and there was a drawing of a man sitting down dressed in gear with a protective gear and a helmet with a net. I had no idea what he was until I learned it was an "umpire". Does the average American kid has detailed knowledge of baseball already in Kindergarten... ? 

We really need to tune in to ESPN more to get our kids ready for letter practice in school. 

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