Friday, April 24, 2009

Going home

I had to get up at 3.45 am (ugh!) to catch the 6 am flight to Frankfurt, connecting to San Francisco, continuing to Sacramento when I went home from Sweden earlier this week. The SAS flight to Chicago is no longer an option since United has cancelled a bunch of flights to Sacramento and a 10 hour stop over in Chicago really is out of the question. 

The flight from Frankfurt to San Francisco, an 11-hour flight, was long and boring. The plane is a jumbo and in the back cabin there were four (!) small screens of which I could see none. Didn't
 really matter since the two (!)  movies they showed I had already seen... You sure get spoiled by the inflight system on the SAS flight... 

It was +35C when I got off the plane in Sacramento. Kind of hot when you're wearing leather boots, long-sleeves and jeans...

Here are some pictures from the flights. 


Shuttle plane from San Francisco. 

They're really small...

Mount Diablo. 

Can you see the windmills?

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