Wednesday, April 08, 2009

American Easter

The main attraction of Easter here if you're a kid is not dressing up as Easter witches but to go on a egg hung and collect egg in a basket that the white Easter Bunny has hidden. We try to combine Swedish and American traditions  - letting the dressed up Easter Witches hunt empty eggs and then the kids get the Swedish paper eggs filled with some candy - after they painted the eggs and done their Easter cards. We have no real relation with the Easter Bunny so we've quietly left him out until required by the kids. 

Easter is a major holiday in Sweden. Well, at least people get a lot of time off work (half Thursday, all Friday and the Monday after Easter Sunday) - not sure people really "celebrate" it. But it's always nice to get off work. Here you wouldn't know it's Easter except the Easter decorations. Thursday and Friday are normal days as is Monday. But Easter Sunday, Påskdagen,  is the big day, the only day of Easter - lots of stores are actually closed (and the only other time that happens is Thanksgiving Day).  

But by then I'm usually done with Easter and egg eating. 

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Måns said...

va?! Det är ju i Sverige som man klär ut sig till häxor och letar efter påskägg som påskharen har gömt och målar ägg som man har till maten. Vafan snackar du om?