Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New York, New York

We arrived to a snowy and cold New York after a uneventful flight from Stockholm. My faithful suitcase that has been traveling with me for the past 8 years, was broken when I picked it up, but since we were really short on time there was no time to try to get it reimbursed at the airport, we just rushed off to the taxi line to head into Manhattan from Newark.

We didn't see anything outside the steamy taxi windows, and my view from the 12th floor at the hotel overlooked a close by building so I didn't really get any sense of actually being in New York. After 15 minutes of switching clothes and repacking my handbag from containing passport and other travel items to "normal" things, we headed back out in yet another new taxi with steamy windows for a intense afternoon and evening with seminar and dinner.

By the time they were serving coffee after dinner at 9 pm, 3 am Swedish time, I gave up and headed back to the hotel. I was so tired during the taxi trip that I hardly looked out the windows so when I finally fell deep asleep at the hotel room at 9.30 pm, I really could have been anywhere in the world...

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