Monday, January 05, 2009

Quick cops scaring old guests

On New Year's Eve we were having a good time with our friends when we, at 9.30 pm, saw three cars drive up to our neighbors' house across the cul-de-sac. Our neighbors were supposedly in Utah for the Christmas holidays and as far as we were informed, weren't expected back until January 2 or 3. None of the cars were our neighbors'... We tried to call over to the house just to make sure everything was in order, but when nobody picked up the phone, despite a bunch of people obviously being in the house, we started to wonder. After contemplating for a bit, we decided to put in a low priority call to the local police office. Just that we knew the house was to be empty and suddenly there were three cars there - all arriving at the same time late on New Year's Eve. We made sure it was a low priority call.

And still - 6 minutes after I hung up the phone, the police car pulled up to the drive way. Amazing. This little city of ours must be the slowest of them all. I'm very impressed and feel very safe.

Everything seemed to be in order and the day after - our neighbors' parents - came over to say hi... They had decided to use their son's empty house with some of their friends on New Year's Eve, fleeing other houses full with kids, to enjoy a more quiet evening in company of friends.

Our prospective thieves were a group of eight retired grandparents who just wanted a little piece and quiet (and since they all are mormons they don't even drink alcohol)... Not too much action for the police to handle there.

When our neighbors returned we apologized for scaring the guests of the house and we all got a good laugh - and promised that we will exchange cell phone numbers and give each other more clear instructions on when and who someone is visiting when we've informed each other that we're travelling.

On the other hand - someone must keep the bored police officers busy. Even on New Year's Eve.


Ewa said...
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Ewa said...

Very good call to let the police know. There are way to many examples in this world of people seeing but not doing anything! En eloge till er!

Saltistjejen said...

Oj vad bra att polisen kommer så snabbt även när det inte ens är 911!
Och skönt att det inte ar något allvarligt utan bara en helt naturlig förklaring bakom er grannars icke-tomma hus! :-)
Kram och gott nytt år!!

Annika said...

Kul historia, och bra betyg till polisen, och till er!!
Förtstår att det känns säkert där du bor!
Bra jobbat, av samtliga!!

Ally said...

Yes I don't typically think of your neighborhood as the kind that sees a lot of break-ins (knock on wood). It's good that you guys keep an eye on one another's house.

Our neighbors were kind enough to keep an lookout for us while we were in Sweden (as well as helping themselves to the veggies in the garden).

JaCal said...

Ewa - tack! I'm glad we did and glad they came and even more glad that it was nothing.

Saltistjejen - ja, vi hade lite roligt dagen efter. ;-) Helt fantastiskt att de kom så fort!

Annika - det är otroligt säkert här jämförelsevis. Men det händer ju saker ändå och man hör ju historier om riktigt fräcka "kupper" så kändes ändå bra att ringa.

Ally - yes, knock-knock - so far it's been pretty safe. And it would have been really bold to do it that open - but still - felt good to make the call. Now we have exchanged cell phone numbers with the neighbors so we can call them or they us directly to check out if guests or things going on are planned. It's always nice with good neighbors- I hope your's helped themselves to your garden with your knowledge... ;-)