Friday, January 02, 2009

A new dishwasher

We had to start off the new year by heading out to Sears to get a new dishwasher. Our old one, that came with the house and never really cleaned the way we wanted and was impossible to run if you wanted to have a normal conversation downstairs, started to make very, very weird noises and we were just waiting for it to start to fume smoke all over the kitchen.

We knew it was about to happen - but maybe not so quickly. So I spent yesterday quickly researching dishwasher - energy savings, sound levels, number of cycles and by the time we came out to Sears we at least had a overview on what was out there.

We were lucky to run into a sales person that really knew what she was talking about - and started showing us different models. They even had a couple of dishwashers installed so you could hear them and see what was going on inside.

And it seemed we timed it well - sales are going on and they had free shipping and haul off of the old one. They will actually deliver the new one on Sunday. So we only need to do two days with take out - haha!

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