Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trick or treat and on my way

After a pretty intense week I'm once again in an airport. This time on my way to New York, continuing to Washington DC. The last few days have been full of preparation for yesterday's "crescendo" - The Big Night of Halloween. Big event in this country... especially if you're a kid. Even after 8 years I can't really keep up and we're soo behind in terms of decorations etc...

And after a week of fixing scarecrow outfits, clown face paintings, fastening hammers to carpenter outfits, it's over... the Daughter was so exhausted after this week she broke down in tears during trick or treating... it just became too much.

And actually for me, who doesn't like fall, I don't mind all the orange decorations and pumpkins giving way to a holiday much more my favorite - Christmas. Only a what - about 8 weeks... can't wait... especially for being off for awhile... this is a really intense fall. Time for boarding!

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