Friday, November 21, 2008

Gas prices

I don't really get this with the rising - and falling - gas prices. This summer it cost us about $70 to fill up the minivan - today it cost us about $30. That's a major difference. The prices fell substantially a couple of weeks ago - and I'm the only one who thought it was conveniently right before the big oil companies reported record profits... which I find sort of curious - but then - I really don't know about all that influences the price of oil.

Since I work from home and none of us have to commute - the change in gas prices haven't effected us as much as for those who really need their cars to and from work very day - and even worse for those who use their car for work all day. And with that much of difference - it's been a major economical aspect for most the last few months. And what will happen now - will they stay the same of go up? Or down? Who knows...

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