Thursday, November 13, 2008

An ad for California?

If you are thinking about moving to California - maybe you shouldn't watch the video below... It was made in connection to the major Earthquake drill in Southern California... And living here you are almost thinking if you really should stay... ;-)


Anonymous said...

My husband is a geologist with the Calif. Geological Survey here in Sacramento. He participated in this drill. He says a quake that large would be a huge mess in so. Cal or the Bay area. In the central valley area we are much less likely to suffer loss but we would be affected by the extenuating circumstances of the systems that would be impacted.

He hadn't seen this video.

Kathy b

Anna, Fair and True said...

Intressant. Har ni följt råden i videon?

Anna said...

läskigt utifall det händer men det är väl mer om när det händer då man har väntat så länge. Vi hade jordbävningslåda klar när vi bodde i LA men det är nog många många som inte har ngt.

JaCal said...

Kathy - how interesting for you husband! Yes, we've studied the excellent earthquakes websites - and know we're pretty safe around here - but just as the video said - the impact will probably be so much larger.

Anna - well, we're actually pretty far from any faults and are not required to have earthquake insurance. I would say we are semi-prepared - could be more. Beacuse we might not have a big one here - but we still might be out of electricity or water due or supply lines maybe default.

Anna - ja, i LA är det ju mer påtagligt där man faktiskt känner dem regelbundet (jag har aldrig känt något under alla mina år här). Egentligen ska man ju alltid har en sån där låda - kan ju bli långa strömavbrott som är nog så besvärliga och farliga.