Monday, August 25, 2008


Ok, so I don't like spiders. At all. I don't dislike them enough to take one of those "loose your fears and hug them" sessions - but close enough.

For almost a year when I still lived in Stockholm as a singleton, the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet had an ad on the front page from some computer company with a very good picture of a spider, it looked as if it was crawling across the front page. The company was some sort of a server company and probably thought that a spider was a good way to illustrate the "webs" that could be created using their product or services (and thereby excluding all potential customers with spider fears).

This was a major problem for me - every morning I had to close my eyes when I took the newspaper out of the mailbox in the door, and quickly rip of the corner with the spider, from the other side, crumple the piece and throw it away. If something important was printed on the other side - too bad - I never read it. It got almost to the point when I though about canceling the subscription - it was too much of a stress moment in the morning... So you see - spiders (even printed on paper) and I don't go well together.

But - I thought I had toughen up a bit. Getting kids means you sort of have to. You sure don't want you kids to inherit these stupid fears - and you want them to think you're the coolest mom. So I've found myself saying things such as "oh, what a cute little spider, let's say hi" through clenched teeth.

Luckily we don't have a lot of spiders here - at least not in our garden or house. But occasionally the do pass by.

Last night one attacked me - ahum, I mean, "was quietly walking" (is a spider walking? crawling? moving?) towards me on the bathroom floor when I was... ahum.. sitting down.

Isn't it weird how these little (unharmful, they claim) insects makes grown-up people (usually female) really loose all logic and do silly things.

A few minutes later, The Husband, who though he had heard a weird noise from the bathroom, found me standing on top of the sink.

(no, no pictures of spiders will illustrate this post - I know I''m not alone in not liking spiders...)


Ally said...

Only two spiders freak me out anymore- black widows and tarantulas. So what happened today but I picked up a tomato from my garden that had been too close to the ground and had started to rot. I turned it over and there was a huge black widow on it. Yeah I tossed it in seconds flat. I hate when ads use spiders.

Annika said...

Spindlar är läskiga, och här är dom ju så stora också. Vi har en del wolf spiders här, och flera ggr har jag sett dom inomhus. Tusan, då är man inte modig. Jag är ananrs inte rädd för spindlar, men storleken skrämmer mig hos vissa av dessa "bestar" i trakterna här. Vi har också svarta änkor, min granne hade en sådan i sin källare. Mest rädd är jag nog för brown recluse, jag hoppas att jag aldrig ska bli biten av en sådan. Jag kollar alltid skor och kläder noga, haha.
Hoppas du slipper spindlar inomhus nu på ett bra tag.

Isle Dance said...! Me too! Me too!

Anonymous said...

I don't want to tempt fate with this but the ones here don't terrify me quite as much as the huge english house spiders that we used to get in the UK. I know they were harmless but seriously some of them were massive! I am ashamed to say that because my husband's work place wasn't too far away in those days (just like now actually) that I had called him on more than one occasion to come deal with it. Once my friend sent her hubby over to get one for me. I was mortified to say the least but very grateful!
I can usually manage these days to grab the vacuum cleanr and suck them up into that but then I'm so worried that it might get out that the vacuum cleaner has to spend the day outside until my husband comes home. Needless to say dispite me pretending to like them when the kids were small,none of them were convinced and all hate them too. For a while I used to be able to con my 2 year old into playing a fun game of "Ooh look there's a spider who wants you to hit him on the head with the wet wipe box!" Lol!

JaCal said...

Ally - well, aren't all spiders black widows and tarantulas in disguise?? ;-) Oh, scary... I have yet to see a black widow - but I've seen the husband buy the black widow spray - so we might have them around... I don't even want to know... Yes, WHY do they choose spiders (or snakes for that matter - even though they bother me as much). I really don't understand the communication decision behind that...

Annika - hua... vi har faktiskt rätt små och faktiskt är myror ett större problem. Vet att en väninna stötte på en tarantula - det vill jag helst inte tänka på... har bestämt mig för att den måste ha rymt från zoo... ;-)

Isle dance - good - then we're two! ;-)

Britgirl - aha - I'll will immediately start training the sun with the wipe box!! Oh, you can NOT use the vaccum cleaner - then it has to be put outside, far away from the house and change bags before it comes back in... or if the Husband uses a paper towel (isn't he just so brave, my hero!) he has to change the garbage bags too... Oh.. sigh... when will I become grown-up and brave... My kids doens't seem to buy my cheerful hellos to spider either...

SweFlo said...

I have been fighting a black widow that took up residence in our mail box. I kept removing it, but it kept coming back. Then I stopped being so soft-hearted and sprayed the heck out of the mailbox with bug spray. No more webs, no more black widow. We have a lot of the black widows in our garage, they have a very distinctive egg sack that is easy to recognize, and unfortunately they hang all over the place. I tried fogging the entire garage, hope that reduced their numbers a bit. We also have brown recluse spiders here, but I am not so sure on how they look like, so I just stay away from all spiders... My daughter loves creepy crawlers, so we had to especially instruct her NOT to pick up spiders, since you never know around here!

JaCal said...

Sweflo - well, sometimes you got to be tough on the black widows! ;-) I glad we have a pretty spider free house... or we might have to move! ;-)