Friday, August 22, 2008

The Pledge

Since we're both Swedish, we have to learn American traditions on the go and as we encounter them. The latest one is saying the Pledge of Allegiance (and spelling it!). Since we now have a Daughter in the American school system, she is learning to say the Pledge every day when she arrives to school, according to tradition. We realized that we should probably know it too (after all, parents are supposed to know more than they kids we think), so now I have printed it and am trying to memorizing the words. "I pledge allegiance to the flag...."

I like traditions, but it somehow makes me wonder if the core meaning of a tradition will become weaker when it's something you do every day? Just as the words "I love you" might lose it's meaning when it's said by routine and not by actually meaning every word every time you say it.

Oh, well, I've almost memorized it.

Here is a cute little clip from YouTube with kids saying the pledge.

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