Friday, May 09, 2008

New stamps

I headed over to the post office yesterday to ship of a couple of packages and pick up new stamps. Turns out postage rates are going up on Monday. I must have totally missed that information and happily sent my letters to Sweden using a 90c stamp. And since I've gotten square envelope letters in return due to insufficient postage (square letters are more expensive than rectangular ones...) - my letters with 4c to little postage would probably have been returned.
Now I have stocked up with 2c stamps (having to add to to each 90c stamp) and hope to remember to actually attach them too...

Now you know, all of you who are old fashioned and send real letters to Europe. 94c on each letter needed on Monday!


Anonymous said...

maam, nice colorful blog you maintain. i was just wandering the web when i found it, so thought tht i should leave a comment.
i am sorry if you mind it.
well i wud like to know: if you feel at home in California, then why do you call yourself an Alien?

JaCal said...

Anonymous - thank you, that was nice! Oh, you can feel at home and be an alien at the same time. I have never thought of "alien" as a negative word - even though I know that it's more common to do so here (thus my excerpt from the dictionary on the meaning of the word "alien" in the left hand column). This is actually interesting - I have to do a blog post about it!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the reply maam,

glad to know that you feel at home.
well now may i please say something about home?
what i think is, in today's World whichever place gives one peace, wherever one can earn bread and butter and live life merrily, that place is home.

in that case i may also treat myself an Alien, because i am away from home.

inspite of all those philosophical words which i wrote above,

Sweet Home is Sweet Home where you have spent your childhood and there are a lot of memories attached to it.

i guess you do not mind my long reply.


Petchie75 said...

vad komiskt, O berättade precis igårkväll för mig att priserna har gått upp (jag undrade var han hade läst det men det visst han inte, kanske han smygläser din blogg!?) - och jag skulle just gå till posten idag och köpa nya frimärken!

JaCal said...

Petra H - haha - ja här får man alltid reda på praktiska saker som frimärkspriserna! *fniss*!