Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5K Walk

In a spur of a moment, I decided to register to do a 5K race on Saturday. As an online friend said, "what a great way to start boot camp - start with the ending and have it over with". Exactly.

I won't be running. I'm no runner. But my plan is to walk (since you can do the 5K Walk) with my NW poles. How long can it take to walk 5 kilometers? An hour? I should manage that.

The race starts at 8.15 am, which is great considering will might have a 100F day on Saturday (+37C).

And at least I will (hopefully) look good in my new, nice outfit from my new favorite store, Life is Good. How can you fail with a "smile" on your head and a "walk" on your chest?

(And note the interesting phenomena that races are in the metric system (5K meaning five kilometers) and not yards or miles... I LOVE that! I sure can relate to 5 kilometers, whereas I would have no idea how long 3.107 miles is. Finally an area where I can use my metric trained brain!)


Saltistjejen said...

Jättekul! Sådana där lopp/walks brukar vara riktitg festliga. Här i NYC är det ju sådana tillställningar väldigt ofta i t ex Central park. Det brukar ofta vara till förmån för någgon organisation eller så som jobbar med att stötta patienter med olika sjukdomar, typ bröstcancer, tarmcancer, asthma etc.
Lycka till på lördag och du kommer se superfin ut i din nya outfit och med dina stavar! .-)

Annika said...

Yes our brains are wired for the metric system, so true!!
I don't think I will ever come to terms with miles.
Great with a 5K walk. It should take you an hour, or less...
How do you like NW? I am doing it every now and then, but I think I still prefer a regular power walk.
Good luck Saturday!!!

Desiree said...

Det tror jag du klarar galant med dina stavar. Kul att du köpt en fin Life is good outfit. Du kommer garanterat vara snygg i den. Det blir nog kul. Se till att ta med ordentligt med dricka om det kommer bli varmt bara.

JaCal said...

Saltistjejen - ja, jag hoppas att det blir kul! Och haha - ja, hoppas att jag är fin också! ;-)

Annika - it sure is... and if you are not to terms with it after all your years here... I'm sure I will never either.. I'm hoping to be done in an hour, it's going to be too hot after that. I like the NW - the only tricky part is to have stuff with you - I got a belt at REI the other day for water bottle and a small pocket. I haven't been out much though - the last couple of months have been pretty crazy around the house after the Husband's backpain.

Desiree - ja, vi får väl se! Ska försöka ta lite bilder. Ja!! Tack för tipset om Life is Good - blir sååå glad av deras saker! Min Smile-keps är såå fin!