Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Land of Wine and Food

The California Travel & Tourism Commission and the Wine Institute has launched a new website, The Land of Wine and Food. This is a great source for finding nice wineries in California

And with the dollar exchange rate being low - yet another reason to come visit! California sure is more than Disneyland and surfing.


Ally said...

More than those two things, I should say so. I'm quite proud of my homestate. I tend of think of how appealing CA is for Swedes because they tend to be (if I may generalize) nature lovers.

I also think too many people only think of Napa and wine country. There are some great (and decently) priced wineries all over the state.

Hmm, after this entry, I feel like I should be working for this commission. ;-)

Desiree said...

Ja det verkar finnas massor med god mat och dessutom gott om hälsosam mat och gott vin i Kalifornien.

JaCal said...

Ally - you sure should be! There is so much here - amazing! Haha - yeah, you should have commission!

Desiree - japp! Komsi komis! ;-)