Friday, January 25, 2008

IRL weekend in SF

Soon I'm beating the bad weather and hitting the road. I'm off to San Francisco for the weekend, staying in a cute (hopefully, we haven't seen it yet...) bed&breakfast. For the first time I'm meeting Swedish friends from all over the US that I have talked, laughed - and cried with for the past four years. I "speak" to them every day, but I haven't actually met them. Yet.

Now we have a full weekend to actually talk without a key board. And we have to try to remember to call each other our "real" names, and not our screen names. Even though I already have a nickname to my online name ("Jaccan").

It's going to be a lot of fun - I'm very excited!

Too bad my friends, from Seattle, Portland and Toronto won't get to see any Californian sun in this horrible, rainy weather... Oh, well. I guess we just going to stay inside and drink cosmopolitans instead!

(Photo from San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau)


Desiree said...

Åh vad kul med en träff i verkliga livet. Ha en underbar helg.

Monica said...

GUD vad jag är avundsjuk!!!! Ha det sâ játte-jättebra, och hälsa Âsa med e och e lite extra (vi gick ju skola ihop!). Kram! - Miqa

Lullun said...

Nej, men vad kul!! Men klurigt med namnen... *hihi*

JaCal said...

Desiree - ja - vi hade otroligt kul!

Miqa - ja, nästa gång får du flyga över! ;-)

Lullun - ja, jätte! Och ja, namnen var totalt förvirrande! haha!