Friday, December 07, 2007


On my last day going to the office this visit, I forgot my cell phone. I realized it on the subway half way to work. Our cell phones are also our office phones so without it I can't call anyone and no one can call me. Or they can, except no one will answer (my phone is busy working as an alarm clock in the apartment where I'm staying)...

Being without cell phone means being without my contact list, GMT-1 time - and a sense of ease - transportation only a phone call away. I feel naked.

Oh, well. No time to go back to pick it up. So I'm going to call it myself, make sure it's not lonely, changing my message to let callers know I won't be answering today. And be of the mercy of colleagues to make phone calls.

Remember this phone? The "banana" Nokia phone that was the coolest in the mid 90s?

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