Saturday, December 08, 2007

In Chicago...

When I arrived to Arlanda this morning the flight to Chicago was on time. By the time I had passed through security it was delayed for four hours (But at least there would be a flight which has not been the case in the last four days due to a broken SAS aircraft)... In the end we where 2,5 hours late out from Stockholm which was enough for me to miss my flight. And to make sure I really would not make it I was chosen for extra control in customs (The second time this has ever happened to me of all the times I've passed through O'Hare) . My two heavily packed suitcases was searched causing confusion with all strange stuff I had. Not the normal packing for a one week consulting job. Now I'm last in the long line to the extra check in desk SAS had to open for all delayed passengers. If I'm lucky I'll get on the next flight out at 8 tonight, in 4,5 hours. This trip has turned out to be the trip from hell... Want to bet there is a snow storm here in about four hours?

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