Monday, December 10, 2007

The big dinner

December 10 is the day the Nobel Prizes are handed out in Stockholm. In the evening the festivities starts - a huge gala takes place in the City Hall of Stockholm, one of my favorite buildings in Stockholm. All this is broad casted live on Swedish television.

When I was single in Stockholm I always took this a good reason to turn on the small TV in my kitchen and do all Christmas baking (after all, a dinner party on TV is not the most action filled show... it takes hours and not something you might sit down and watch continuously). Sometimes I invited friends over to help out, sometimes I did it on my own. With the company of the commentators over at the City Hall it was a pretty fun night. And I had "lussebullar" ready for Lucia, December 13!

(The Nobel dinner takes place in Blå Hallen in the Stockholm City hall. Picture from Wikipedia).

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