Friday, November 02, 2007

Baby names in Stockholm vs California

Even though I'm done naming children, it's always interesting fun to see the top-lists (and check how your own name holds up).

I just found a list on the most popular names in Stockholm. I quickly googled to find the most popular names in California... always fun to compare:

Popular girl names in Stockholm:
1 Emma
2 Julia
3 Alice
4 Ella
5 Agnes

Popular girl names in California:
1 Emily
2 Isabelle
3 Ashley
4 Mia
5 Samantha

Popular boy names in Stockholm:
1 Alexander
2 Hugo
3 William
4 Elias
5 Leo

Popular boy names in California:
1 Daniel
2 Anthony
3 Angel
4 José
5 Jacob

Conclusion? I've all those Emma's want to feel special (and not have 10 friends in the same class with the same name...) they can come to California and the Californian Daniel boys can go to Sweden!


Anonymous said...

Yes my daughter was pretty pleased that her name was a lot less popular here. They all think of Jane Austin when they hear her name.
I think the name Yasmin is quite nice for a girl too but it doesn't ever seem to get on many lists.
As for my son's name which was quite rare in the Uk, there have been several here. Funny how it can be so different from place to place.

Unknown said...

When I knew that I was carrying a girl I wanted her nama to be Emma. It's the most popular girlname in France as well, but she is a little Emma. I've always liked that name.

Petchie75 said...

Mitt favoritnamn är Ella, som min mors farmor, hon var min favorit när jag var liten! Tyvärr kan man inte riktigt döpa en eventuell spansk-svensk dotter till Ella eftersom det ju uttalas Eja och betyder hon.. Det får bli Elna istället som är min mormor ;-), O är redan med på det! (nu ska det bara göras barn också, ha ha!)

JaCal said...

Britgirl - it sure is! My daughter's name used to be really popular in Sweden - but has been "on the decline" the last couple of years. I haven't met a kid around here with it yet.

Dosiss - I love the name Emma - so pretty! When I got my name, it was really unusual in Sweden. 10 years later it was on the top lists. So I never had any class mates with the same name, never met anyone with my name. But in the generation 10 years younger there are lots of them... ;-)

Petra H - ja, Ella är jättefint också! Hi hi - när Ella blir lite svårt på spanska... Haha - ja, sätt igång bara! Du kan väl knepen för att det ska bli en tjej! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I personally love your daughter's name as it's my mom's name!

JaCal said...

Britgirl - how fun!

Anonymous said...

My name is Daniel, born 30 years ago here in Sweden. Through all my school years there was always at least two other Daniels in the same class. There are several Daniels in among my friends and family and many times when I go to a party at least half the guys there will be named Daniel :)