Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Woodland Cemetery

I grew up next to the Woodland Cemetery, a beautiful and fantastic place just south of downtown. It was built in 1917 and the architects used the natural landscape as a frame and a stone wall surrounds the cemetery. It's so big you can get lost.

Today I took the subway to Skogskyrkogården and took a walk through it, placing a fall wreath on my grandmother's grave. The sky was almost clear, the air thin and cold the leave trees in beautiful fall colors, framed by the green pine trees.

If you live in Stockholm and have never been here or are a visitor in Stockholm, this sure is worth a visit. It's like a hidden treasure! It's amazing during the All Saints holiday (as I wrote about last year).


Anonymous said...

That looks lovely.
Im a bit odd in that I love cemetries as they are often so peaceful and can be pretty.
I'd love to see it when it's lit up.

Unknown said...

It's a truly magical place. My first year in Stockholm I helped out to sell floral arrangements the weekend of All Saints. So beautiful in the evening when all the graves are decorated with wreaths and lighted lanterns.

JaCal said...

Britgirl - it sure is! It's an amazing place - so quiet and full of "atmosphere".

Dosiss - is is! I'm so happy to learn you were there at All Saints - that is the TRUE magic - 10000s of candles. That's what I grew up with every year.