Monday, October 29, 2007


For a long time tonight I thought a neighbor had a motorcycle running on the street. Then I noticed it was getting darker quicker than the sun sets. And finally I realized that it actually was a thunderstorm approaching. A thunderstorm with rain! Yihaaa! The first one since, since, since... I can't even remember?? March? April??

It lasted for about an hour (and the unused and somewhat distracted Daughter seemed skeptical when we tried to explain it by "Uncle Storm playing drums", not easy being a 4-year old when it can be 6 months between rainstorms and you forget all about the sound of heavy rain against the window and the sound of thunder).

When it was over I took a walk to the mail box just for the smell. It smelled... hm... dusty... like all that dust from the summer heat was floating around...

I was hoping more for... "clear, green, fresh smell".

Oh, well, you can't have all. Good thing it wasn't Wednesday, a lot of kids (and some adults) would have been really disappointed since the storm passed over exactly during the best "trick or treat" time...


Anonymous said...

We were out getting take out.
It was quite exciting.
I feel much more alive when the elements start acting up. It was cool!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Visst vad det harligt!!

JaCal said...

Britgirl - it was! So cool!

Alex - thanks! I actually did have the Widgetmate news-widget first - but it always hung itself so now I do Google News with key words instead and it seems to be more stable. Liked the options better with Widgetmate however. Maybe they've fixed the problems now - have to try. Thanks for the tip!!

Veronika - jaaa - så mysigt!