Thursday, October 25, 2007


"Jet lag, (also jetlag or jet-lag), is a physiological condition which is a consequence of alterations to the circadian rhythm".

It's always feels good with a proper definition.

Ok, so this westbound jetlag has been more trickier than usual. Despite two 10 hour nights since my return to California, I feel totally exhausted and unfocused (could be the sudden lack of "smågodis*"...).

According to Wikipedia, females are more susceptible to jet lag than are males, part because estrogen is often vulnerable to jet lag-like conditions. Could I use that as an argument to travel more comfortably in business in the future?

(* the greatest candy in the world)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up.
I always thought that my struggle with jet-lag, lasting a week or so coming this way, was due to my inability to ever sleep more than six hours a night.
Now I know it's due to lack of
Next time I'm buying several kilos..

Anonymous said...

Later som en suverant bra ursakt over att fa aka i businessclass.

Visst ar det jobbigt med jetlag,
for mig ar det varst da jag kommer till Sverige.

Fröken fräken said...

Aha säger jag då. Min jetlag sitter i säkert 2 veckor och min mans jetlag går över efter ett par dagar. Ännu en gång det är orättvist att vara kvinna. SKämt å sido så tycker jag inte att det är så besvärligt med jetlag.