Friday, September 28, 2007

TiVo night

Friday night! The best night of the week. A whole weekend ahead.

We spent the evening catching up on some of the season and series premiers that took place last week. We hardly every watch TV "live" these days. We just let SAGE on the computer or the TiVo record things we're interested in and then watch days or weeks later.

I hardly would be able to tell what day a specific show or a movie has been on. This means we're always fast forwarding through the commercials. So each 1-hour show is only 40-45 minutes. Saving a lot of time!

Or adding up a lot of shows I don't know when I will ever find the time to watch...


Annika said...

Vad gjorde man UTAN TiVo? Jag med alla mina program skulle bli tokig :-)
Och de är så underbart att bara kunna skippa reklamen!!!
Tack TiVo!!

Desiree said...

Smart och smidigt.

Anonymous said...

We have no Tivo and no VCR anymore so if we miss things, we miss things. It's really annoying!
It's like being in the dark ages in our house! Lol!

JaCal said...

Annika - ja... blir fortfarande förvirrad i Sverige nr jag inte kan pausa eller spola tillbaka... (köpte faktiskt en sån där special-dvd spelare till mina föräldrar... för hur kan man INTE ha dessa funktioner...) ;-)

Desiree - japp!

Britgirl - what - no TiVo!? Well, Christmas is coming up and you've been good all year - so maybe Santa will bring something?? ;-)

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