Sunday, June 24, 2007

Island hopping

By mere accident all of my family happens to now live in different parts of the archipelago (consisting of 24 000 islands) outside downtown Stockholm .

This is a bit of a logistic problem when transporting the kids and myself around for family visits.

If you look at a map, its close. But when on the road, it might take forever to go around the islands and the connecting bridges. A bit quicker if you had a fast boat. But flying helicopter would be the absolute quickest...

I wonder if Hertz or Avis rents fast boats or helicopters?


Annika said...

I am looking forward to go out in the archipelago!! Especially in this nice weather!!!

Isle Dance said...

Fast moving people have arrived here in the islands, too! It is busy and beautiful! LOVE your photos and stories, girls! :)

JaCal said...

Annika - have you seen the latest weather reports! It's going to be great weather in July!

Isle Dance - thanks!