Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Swedes going to the US

According news in Sweden, it's really "hot" spend you're vacation in the US this summer. 16,8% more Swedes will go to the US this year compared to last year. One reason being the low dollar exchange rate (I wonder what my ticket would have cost had I flown the other way...). One other reason is said to maybe be the increased number of flights to the US from Sweden.

I wonder if there will ever be a direct flight from Stockholm to San Francisco again. I don't care about the tourists, I just want a good "bus" line!

Now the article doesn't say in numbers how many Swedes travel to the US (and since there's only 9 million of us, it can't be enormous amount of Swedish tourists we're talking about) , but if you feel like you're city has been invaded by people speaking like the Swedish Chef in the Muppet Show, it's only visiting Swedish aliens...


Anonymous said...

I really can't believe that their isn't a direct flight from San Fran to Sweden. Even if there was only one or two a week it would be something. I think we should let Richard Branson know! He would most likely love to corner the that particular market. (If they would let him!)
Oh and do you guys really sound like the swedish chef muppet?!!!
Surely not!

Isle Dance said...

More Swedes, please! Hee. Yes, someone should provide more direct flights. I keep dreaming that I find my man and he happens to be a pilot...maybe this is why?!

JaCal said...

Miranda - I think there used to be, pre-911. Yes, only once a week would do... Yeah, Mr Branson is welcome to explore that market! Well, according to Americans, that how we sound! ;-)

Isle Dance - we'll their on their way! A pilot would come in handy (don't tell my Husband, he wants to take a pilot license...).