Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Prime Minster and a Governor

Today, according to Swedish newspapers, the Swedish Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, will visit the capitol of California, Sacramento, and say hello to the Californian governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger (whose name I still, despite a couple of years as a governor and as an actor before that, have to check the spelling of...).

I haven't seen anything about this meeting on the news here. Or in the papers. Or on the Governor's website. And actually the press release on the Swedish government's website doesn't mention the visit either (it was some sort of a last minute visit). According to that the Prime Minister is in Colorado today.

But since the newspaper usually have it right (I hope) I guess this meeting will take place today. Sweden meets California. Officially.

I wonder if I should take a trip to the Capitol with a Swedish flag? One single person celebrating this big meeting... ?

(the pictures above are the "official" pictures - don't you think that the Governor picture look a tiny bit more... hm... "governing-like").

(Picture of Fredrik Reinfelt by Pawel Flato)


Anonymous said...

I think you should go and take the Swedish flag with you. Absolutely.

Yes, I agree with you about the photographs. 'Ah-nuld' looks as if he is the 'Governor of the World' in the photo and FR looks as if he is a hotel bellhop welcoming someone to have a fine night in a Stockholm hotel.

Although FR is Prime Minister, it's the "Governator" who has the real power. Also, it's a safe guess to think that more people know the Governator than the Prime Minister of Sweden.

Anonymous said...

wow, the Prime Minister has a big forehead! I guess it's because of his lack of hair. :)

Ing said...

Yes, I think our dear prime minister has to become slightly more "statsmannamässig" (please Jacal translate for me) in order to make an impression in the US...But it sure will be interesting to see what words of wisdom Arnold has to offer when it comes to solving the environmental crisis - that is why Freddan is here, isn't it?
And Jacal, you, with the flag, please do it! I think Fredrik will be touched by your gesture and you will have the Blog Picture of the Year, for sure.

Anonymous said...

Yeah go on! Then you can go to Ikea while your there...much more exciting!!
(I know "I'll be back!!")

Annika said...

He was here in DC yesterday, I think. Met up with the Prez. I did not see anything about it on the news, or in the Washington Post for that matter. Oh well...Too bad we are not living in the same city, Jacal. WE could both have been standing there with a Swe-flag :-)

JaCal said...

Michael - yup - Arnold looks like he is making decisions! ;-)

Veranda - haha - never thought about that.

Ing - I would have had there been ANY kind of information on where and when - oh, well. We'll see if this big visit is on the news tonight... "Stadsmannamässig" was the word I was looking for too... I choose "governing-like" - my own invention... ;-)

Miranda - it would be kind of fun to see Arnold actually!

Annika - bummer - we should have stood there, waving our flags! ;-)