Monday, March 05, 2007

I need an invention

Ok, so baby monitors are absolutely worthless. Why? Because they just magnify the sounds of the children (who usually says "mommy"...). And no husbands will ever wake up to that. And mommies wakes up without a monitor anyway.

After last night it's obvious that I desperately need a monitor that convert baby sounds to "Hey, wake up, your computer is overheating!" or "Get up, a Trojan is attacking the server" or something similar.

That you should let the husbands sleep close to the door so he can wake up and protect you from loose black bears or other intruders is a myth (hm, or maybe what they mean is that the bear would get the husband first (fast asleep ...) and give you time to escape out the window?).

The only problem now is that the Husband would be perfect for inventing a monitor like this... but how can I get him to invent something that would give him less sleep... hm...

A couple of years ago we got a baby monitor in Sweden when we were going to spend a few weeks over there - it was SEK 600! We just wanted a simple one - but gosh they're expensive! Here you can get a simple one for $20... But no matter the price or where in the world they are used, still only mommies wake up...


Annika said...

Jomen sådär är det nog. Män vaknar inte av bäbisars skrik. Vi mammor är liksom "wired" medan männen skönt sover vidare.
Damn, det var en dyr monitor ni köpte i Sverige! Jösses!!!

NETTAN said...

Ja du - kan bara skriva under. Maken har aldrig vaknat av W - och monitor behöver inte jag, precis som du skriver - en mamma vaknar vid minsta pip!
För maken skulle nog konverteringen "rop från WoW" funka bättre..