Saturday, February 17, 2007

Soccer time!

Right next to our park are several soccer fields (with artificial plastic grass to make it through the hot summers). Soccer is pretty big here - for girls! Maybe Beckham will change that - making it "cool" even for boys.

I like soccer (used to play myself when I was a little girl (ages ago), wasn't very good but it was fun being part of that team) - and since you see it so rarely here I like having those fields close by.

"Korpfotboll" - don't know the specific word for that in English - meaning "mixed teams with amateurs playing tournaments" sort of - is pretty big here too. So the fields are well used and the lights at night lights up the whole neighborhood.

But today when we walked to the park there was a tournament - teenage girls everywhere!


Annika said...

Soccer is huge here where we live!! Both boys and girls play.
My own daughter doesn't care for it. Neither did I when I was a child. But I am glad that soccer is getting to be a big sport here in the US.

JaCal said...

Annika - I'm not a big sports fan in general - but at least I know soccer and can relate to it... ;-)