Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Doughnuts for breakfast

A friend came over this morning, bringing a box of doughnuts.

American doughnuts almost looks the same in Sweden, they are called "munkar". The shape is the same, and the cooking in oil thing is the same. I really wasn't a big fan of "munkar" in Sweden. I wasn't really that impressed with American doughnuts either.

Until I made my first visit to a KrispyKreme....

Now THAT is something else. Until you've had hot donuts from KrispyKreme you can't really said you've had a doughnut. A traditional glazed... Mm mm yummy!

(and let's forget about the GI index of a doughnuts for a moment).

Before I moved to the US, I guess I had the same stereotyped view that all American cops eat doughnuts (I had seen my fair share of "Hill Street Blues" (Spanarna på Hill Street)). Hm... maybe I still have that... even though I have yet to see a cop with a donut in real life...

But despite what I thought, per capita, Canadians actually consume the most doughnuts in the world (not the American as I would have guessed). In Canada you can also find the most doughnuts stores per capita.

That must be a lot of donut stores, because I think there pretty common here too.

(Picture from KrispyKreme - their line up of doughnuts...)


Toini said...

Yes every friday we get lots of boxes at work with donuts in from Tim Horton. Tim Horton is huge here, every morning I get astonished about the line up in the drive thru, hmm why don't people make some coffee at home in the morning? I didn't like donuts before either, but now I have one Boston Cream every friday.

Then Tim Horton have Timbits, (bite-sized donut). People can buy these bite-sized treats in whatever quantity they prefer, with most people favouring the Snack Pack™ sizes of 10 Timbits®, 20 Timbits® or 40 Timbits®.

Anonymous said...

We've got KrispyKreme in Australia as well now. They are delicious! Unfortunately for my waistline.

JaCal said...

t & t - isn't it amazing - drive thru to the dounut store! (KrispyKreme has drive thru as well.

Matilda - yeah... they are dangerous... thankfully we have to drive 30 minutes to the closest one... or I wouldn't have a waistline...

Annika said...

Donuts..not my cup of tea...THANK GOD!!! would not be good for the already expanding waistline!

NETTAN said...

Japp - inte ett dugg förvånad över den statistiken :)
Här är också köerna långa till Tim Hortons på morgnarna och jag är då och då en i kön, jag erkänner!! (Kaffet på jobbet är blask!)
Nu försöker jag att hålla mig ifrån donuts, men visst är det gott... Ibland när vi köper 2st Tim bits till William i drive thrun så frågår dom alltid om det är till en hund!!
Helt ärligt så tror jag att Sudbury har flest Tim Hortons per capita - det KRYLLAR av dem.