Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Clean up time!

Hm... this week is turning out somewhat boring... taxes on Monday, administration on Tuesday and today, Wednesday, it's been clean up day.

But for a nice reason - I have a dear, good friend coming over, spending the night, and I thought it would be nice if the house looked good for her (and we're going to eat Swedish princess cake - but shhhh don't tell her!!)

Usually we do cleaning on weekends, a real team work. I'm the boss of dusting and picking up and the husband is the boss of vacuuming and the bathrooms we do together. Hepp! Fast and efficient (and boring).

After we got our first Amercian vaccumer, I told the husband that this obviously was work for a strong man and refused to do it. Gosh, that thing was heavy!! Even the husband was tired after going through our house. I missed my little Swedish Electrolux vaccumer so much... But then I did had hardwood floors in Stockholm and not the ever present carpets you do have here. My little green friend would probably only last one cleaning.

Last year we decided we had enough.

There just had to be a better way to do this. The husband (being the Head of Vacuuming) did research and got a Kenmore Progressive Canister Vacuum with Telescopic Wand. Sounds like something from Harry Potter! Too bad it's not magic - you still have to push it around, but at least it's quiet, efficient and you don't have to push the canister around, it just follows your around.

The closest thing we will get to having a pet in this house.


Annika said...

Det alltid aktuella ämnet: amerikanska dammsugare!!!
Vi har en Kenmore också av den modell som du visar här. Ok ngt äldre kanske, men samma princip, att man släpar den efter sig. Jag bytte bort munstycket till ett sk Tomas Brolin munstycke. Perfekt! Använder det när jag dammsuger trägolven på mellanplanet, till helttäcningsmattorna åker det amerikanska munstycket på.

JaCal said...

Ja... suck. Tomas Brolin munstycke?? Vad är det - måste googla... för "floors" munstycket är lite klent. Sån otroligt skillnad mot en "vanlig". Att vi stod ut!