Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yummy Californian chocolate

And speaking about chocolate - it's not as good as Marabou - but a good runner up:

The Californian chocolate brand Chirardelli.

It's one of the oldest American chocolate companies. They have their own "Ice Cream and Chocolate Shops" around California and their main own little mini "theme" park, Chirardelli Square in San Francisco.

Their signature chocolate is the SQUARES chocolates - little 1,5 cm*1,5 cm squares that you buy in bags... solid or filled... yummy!

Ghirardelli is pronounced "Gear-ar-delly".

I just learned that from their website. Good thing to know. Because I would not have pronounced it like that... more [jjiirr-ar-dell-i]


Annika said...

I like that chocolate, too. Much better than Hersy's!!!

Anonymous said...

Japp, deras choklad är verkligen supergod. Mums!

Tomasz Wysocki said...

The name seems to be Italian, and so the pronounciation. And yeah, hershey's sucks big time. it's just a joke compared to real chocolate!oq

JaCal said...

Annika and Tomasz (welcome to my blog!) - Yes! What is it about this love for Hershey's? here! Is it even some cocoa in it? I remember the first time I had a Hershey's Kisses and was sooo disappointed...

Anne - stay away from Hershey's... stick with Chirardellli or Lindts if you can't get Marabou at IKEA (do you have an IKEA close by??)