Thursday, January 25, 2007

No pea soup for me today (or any other day...)

Today is Thursday. Traditional "pea soup and pancake" day in Sweden.

I wouldn't mind the pancakes. But I'm skipping the pea soup. Yuk.

The most famous Swedish pea soup eaters are the eighteen members of the Swedish Academy, founded in 1786 to advance the Swedish Language (and is also the institution that awards the Nobel Prize in Literature).

They meet at beautiful the restaurant Gyldende Freden (founded 1722) in the Old Town in Stockholm every Thursday.

I wonder if they get pancakes afterwards.


Annika said...

They probably drink the "punch" though. What the heck is "punch" in english? I hate pea soup as well..No thanks...
BUT please give me the pan-cakes any day of the week...
Ja, och ge mig ett litet glas med varm punch också, då...Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Usch, ärtsoppa är äckligt. Håller med. Pannkakor/plättar är dock mums. På makens förra jobb i Sverige (innan vi flyttade till USA) hade personalrestaurangen alltid ärtsoppa och pannkakor till lunch på torsdagar, de flesta tog tydligen den rätten de dagarna.