Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The night of the Amercian Idol

Tonight is the season premier of American Idol, season six. The sixth American Idol will be chosen by early summer. It's one of the most watched shows in the US.

I've only voted once actually. The premier show - first episode. 2002. I voted for Kelly Clarkson. Great choice obviously (she later won, maybe due to my single vote??).

Anyway, American Idol show is always "live! Which means 3 hours late for us in California.

There is now a Swedish version of this show. Called Idol (but with Swedish pronunciation) (I'm glad they didn't call the show "The Swedish Idol" or "Svenska Idolen" or something similar. That just doesn't... feel right Swedish... not because of the language but because of the culture).

Anyway again. I've never seen the Swedish version (but I do have the CD of last year's winner Agnes). I've read that the judges are pretty hard. But I doubt you can beat the British judge Simon Cowell in the American version. First we all thought he was terrible rude. Until we realized he is just brutally honest.

I watched the two first seasons, but then I kind of lost interest, but did follow the last couple of weeks of last season. I haven't decided if I'm going to tune in tonight. I haven't heard Simon's honesty for a while...

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