Saturday, January 06, 2007


Checked my "Norstedts Stora Svenska-Engelska" Dictionary to see if there is an official translation of this important Swedish word. It only says "Saturday Sweets", but I really wonder if it "Saturday Sweets" has the same meaning as "Lördagsgodis" for Swedish kids.

Or grown-ups...

It's Saturday and I wish I could run down to the local ICA and get a bag of "lördagsgodis"...

ALL kids in Sweden gets sweets/candy on Saturdays. Thus "Saturday sweets", or in Swedish "Lördagsgodis". Or used to at least. When I was a kid. Maybe that's not the "rule" anymore.

Anyway, about a year ago I suggested to one of the main producers of candy (the "pick n'mix" kind) in Sweden, Karamellkungen, that they should have an interactive function where you "fill a bag" with you favorite candy pieces on their website. As an alien, you could then send a copy of the list to some nice relative, friend or other nice person in Swedish who could get your favorites from the list and mail it over...

They responded "interesting suggestion".

Just checked.

No such feature yet.

Maybe Swedish aliens aren't the main marketing target group.

Anyway, here is my virtual bag of candy:

If only it was irl!


Annika said...

Oh my God! Now I feel like eating candy...Karamellkungen is the best candy provider in Sweden, or so I think. You had a wonderful suggestion there...Too bad they did not really listen.

In my bag I would put:
Licorice frogs
Cola flaskor
salta nappar

Yes, if it was only IRL...

Cissi said...

*mums* min påse skulle likna din väldigt mycket måste jag säga.

Victoria said...

Colaflaskor is my favorite - but when you read "Stärkelsegelé med colasmak", they don´t sound that appetizing....


Berit said...

Yesterday I sent instructions about where you can by "lösgodis" in S.F.
Thought you would like it, but cannot find anywhere. Are you interested?

Jeanette Carlstrom said...


JaCal said...

Berit - can you actually get real Swedish "lösgodis" in California?? Where where where?? Yes - please tell me!

Victora - no no - don't read the nutritions facts! ;-)