Friday, January 12, 2007

A little Swedish place in paradise...

Some of the former Swedish kings were really warriors, conquering a lot of land in Northern Europe. But some were not as "great" and in the end we ended up with land only in the very northern part of Europe (that is if the Norwegian king isn't trying to take over using Google maps) where summers are short and winters are looooong.

One king (Gustav III) managed to, without even sending out warrior ship, get Sweden a little colony in the West Indies.

Now - how about that!! Pine trees vs palm trees!

And not just any place - but St Barth!

WHAT was the King Oscar II thinking that gave it away?? Hmpf.

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Berit said...

Sorry, but Oscar II sold the island to France for 320 000 gold franks

JaCal said...

Well - that's almost giving it way too! ;-)

(and interestingly enough I was reading an article in SvD about it that made me dream about warm, nice beaches and to write the blogpost - and they wrote "lämna" - never mentioned the change of cash).

Berit said...

If you go to my blog, archives 11/01/2006-11/30/2006 and scroll halfway down you'll find some things I wrote about St.Barths last year.