Thursday, January 04, 2007

It was raining today

Most of the year we don't see clouds. So when "winter" comes with clouds and rain (from the west...) now and then, we're actually kind of excited.

And the best thing with rain here is that it actually disappears. Not like in Sweden where in fall or spring (or winter these days of global warming) can rain for days.

That means that rain is actually... kind of cozy... you turn on the lights (might even consider to light one of the thousands of tea lights from IKEA) and listen to the soothing sound of rain on the roof.

Because you know that in an hour or two, it will all be gone.

The sun is always coming back in California!


Annika said...

Greetings from a rainy and balmy Virginia!
I think rain is cozy, very cozy. As you said, it never last for days and days here. Not even in VA.

However, warm here...18 degrees C...sick...

JaCal said...

And cold here - we have an unusual cold "winter". Brr!