Monday, December 11, 2006

A truck ride

I was a passenger in a Nissan Titan yesterday. Despite 7 years here, this was actually one of my first rides in a truck.

I don't know much about trucks (other than I think they're pretty ugly) so I can't compare. I have no idea if this is larger or smaller than the other larger trucks or not.

But let me say this. The Nissan Titan is huge.


Don't try to park this car in a "compact" parking lot (very American thing, don't think there are such a phenomena in Sweden...), like we tried to.

Half the truck will still be outside the parking lot...

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Ulrika said...

All cars are huge in this country, at last for an immigrated swede. My cousin has a huge truck and an Escalade, and I feel like a little child just climbing into the cars... yes, swedes, you have to CLIMB to get in.