Friday, December 22, 2006

A taste of paradise?

I wonder if that was what they were thinking, naming this Swedish box of chocolate*...

For an Alien - it's at least a taste of Sweden...

I got four boxes at IKEA.

I think today is considered ok to open the first. It is only 36 hours until Christmas!

*Paradis (without dark chocolate) is the younger sibling to Aladdin (with dark chocolate), a box of chocolate that was introduced in 1939 (!) and is the most popular box of chocolate in Sweden. The favorite pieces are "Trillingnöt" and "Gräddnogat". If you're lucky, you can pick up one at the Swedish Food store at IKEA around Christmas.

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Stephanie Krus said...

A vad jag skulle onska att jag kunde fa ha en paradis ask nu, men snart har vi IKEA hos oss ocksa :D