Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More fun to be Swedish at Christmas!

At least of you're a kid (or a Christmas freak...).

Swedish kids gets to meet Santa in real life! He comes to the house to give the gifts in person on Christmas Eve. No one really knows why he choose the Swedish people to grace with his real presence (and not just visit shopping malls like here in the US). Maybe Sweden is on the route down from the NorthPole on his way to deliver the rest of his gifts in the stockings over night and he doesn't want to start the workday with the chimney climbing, but rather use doors first?

The whole day Swedish kids wait, and wait, and wait, until that knock on the door!

Usually he only knocks on the door when all the Swedish dads simultaneously had to run an urgent errand. You really wonder where all the dads do when Santa is visiting - hanging out in the nearby pub, drinking Christmas Ale?

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