Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The King has spoken

The good thing about being a citizen of a kingdom is... is... hm... well, you get to hear the King's yearly speech on Annandag Jul (today!).

It used to be called "The King speak to the Swedish people abroad". But now it's just "The King's yearly speach". But this year he spoke a lot about aliens!

Freely and quickly translated from his speech:

The emigration from Sweden to North America, in the 1830ies and forward, had significant meaning to our country. More than one million Swedish people emigrated. Some came back with new impressions and new knowledge. The emigration is the foundation of the relationships with North America, that have given us pleasure and benefits of for over hundred years. It has strongly effected on each side of the Atlantic. When the Queen and I inaugurated the new Embassy of Sweden, House of Sweden, in Washington D.C we saw clear evidence of this.

This is what the Swedish King look like. His name is Carl XVI Gustaf. He seldom wears a real crown. Too bad - I think he would look good in it!

You can listen (or read) to the Swedish King here! Only in Swedish however...

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