Thursday, December 07, 2006

Are you finding the answer?

When you use Sitemeter you can see how visitors end up visiting your blog. The past week, I have had visitors here in my little cyber corner who used Google to search for the following....
  • "On being an alien" (hm... well, they've sort come to the right place, if they don't mean those little green aliens from outer space)
  • "Annika Betnér" (who???)
  • "Sweden America comparisons" (yup, write about that a lot!)
  • "kleenex oval" (yes, I did have a post on Kleenex)
  • "Alien in the window on Christmas" (I'm really really curious about this one, someone is planning to hang an alien in the window??)
  • "Alien in half gallon" (in what I wonder? water? coffee? diet coke?)
  • "How long do you cook korv" (WHY is this very un-cooking blog a match to this question... have I even ever written about korv??)
(And I wonder if they are coming back or if it was just a one-time visit... )

Welcome all, no matter what you searched for!

1 comment:

Annika said...

Sitemeter är så himla KUL..., jag har ngn på Malta som kollar! Massor av läsare som aldrig kommenterar (dem allra flesta). Häromdagen Unknown Country.
Intressant som sjutton...
Precis som du säger är alla lika välkomna!