Thursday, November 16, 2006

A very Swedish lunch

I just had a very Swedish lunch I realize.

Korv Stroganoff and some knäckebröd (crisp bread). When I think about our food habits I realize that we really, after 7 years here, still eat very Swedish. A lot of "husmanskost" (no idea how that world should be correctly translated...).

(and yes, for those who know me, no, I didn't cook the Korv Stroganoff, my husband did... I only warmed it up in the microwave).

Crisp bread is actually pretty easy to find. The round Siljans Crips bread can be found in almost any regular supermarket, in California I've bought it at Bel Air, Raley's, Safeway and Albertson. Usually on the lowest shelf with other crackers (not by the bread). And World Market sells it of course.

Falukorv is harder to find, you have to improvise that one...


Annika said...

Knäckebröd you can buy anywhere, yes. I just had "Varma koppen" and knäckebröd and Jarlsberg ost for lunch today. NICE!!!
You can buy Anna's pepparkakor at Safeway.
world market is such a wonderful store...sorta kinda a mix between Indiska and a grocery store. AND wine store!

JaCal said...

Yes, Anna's Pepparkakor in all kinds of new tastes that I haven't even tried.

I have a 5 minute walk to a World Market... not too bad! ;-)

Cissi said...

Jag tänkte väl har Jacal börjat laga mat ;) Vad kul att ni kan köpa lite svensk mat i vanliga affärer. Det kan jag inte ens här.

Anonymous said...

In Australia you'd translate "husmanskost" as "home cooked meals". And yes, people to eat out a lot here.

JaCal said...

Thank you - I'll remember that!