Friday, November 10, 2006

"Taking a walk biking"

I miss biking. The kind of biking I (and most others) used to do in Stockholm. The kind that was like "taking a walk but on your bike"-biking. Preferably on an old fashioned Skepphult bike with a saddle with suspension. I would probably look something like this, biking around in downtown Stockholm.

You can bike around in what ever clothes, no special equipment needed (well, maybe a DietCoke in the basket). Or make a stop at a "fik".

Even though there are great bike trails around here where I live, it seems that biking is more of a sport. Rarely do you see people "taking a walk but on your bike"-biking. They usually wear slim, colorful clothes and have a bike with thin wheels and try to break speed limits. The more "I'm doing sports on my free time"-biking.

I guess you can't really compare - it's two different things. But still... I find myself wondering what the air freight cost for a Skeppshult bike would be... At least it would be cheaper than a wooden house...


Annika said...

My GOD! You and I are alike here!!! I want a good old-fashioned bike myself! Skeppshult would be PERFECT!!!
I too have considered ordering a bike from Sweden.
You are so right: and now I am switching to Swedish as I always do: Hemma tar man hojjen överallt, till kompisar, in till stan, till krogen. Jag minns många tillfälle nnär jag har cyklat i kjol och pumps. NO problems! Saknar det här!!! En "riktig" cykel alltså.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Skeppshult bike. Now that is a beautiful and practical bike. I really think it is a better bike for simply going around. Looks better too. Also, Swedish men are not afraid to go around with what is called a "girl's bike" due to the frame. Frankly, in the USA, it's stupid to have a frame that is so dangerous for men should they fall the wrong way on a bike. Yes, give me a Skeppshult 'girl's bike' any day. It's the best.